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December 2013

The aesthetics and safety of rope

When I tie you up you become an object of art.
...Winding the rope around you in particular order to appeal to the eye and to keep you still, using rope to accentuate and complement your body, I enjoy contemplating the living still-life you have become.
...I won't mistreat you, trust me, although you won't have a means of escape, defence or attack.
...You can admire and praise me from the cocoon that will morph you into a genteel seducer - because your harmlessness will attract me, pull me as a magnet into your field to interact with your invisible power - a power you don't even know about.
... It is the power of stillness, dependency, passivity and immaturity I want to test under extreme conditions and then evaluate your responses.
... I enjoy the hunger in your eyes, the sexual need that overtakes you and overcomes you at the same time as your will and your individuality desert you. I'm merciful...but you don't want to disappoint me, do you? I have high standards; it's amusing for me to watch you strive to live up to them.
... You make of yourself a gift to me. I like to open that gift slowly, deliberately, peeling back the layers of your defences to reveal the naked vulnerability at your centre. In that vulnerability, in your raw need, your will and your wilfulness dissolve within you.
... Even your breathing will be put to challenging patterns and the manifestation of your need to reproduce will be reduced to pure helpless desire with controlled pleasure.
...When the rope first touches your bare skin it is a wilful surrender for you, but as it tightens firmly around your limbs it turns into a complete submission, allowing you to slide into a state of mind that's without will, and devoid of any control.
...There is no need to object, or even consider it.
...You rely on what you hear, see, smell and taste. Only the touch is limited: provided to you as either reward or as punishment, where I either press the warmth of my leathered breast against your skin or whip you until you feel your skin burning.
...The abrasive yet plastic texture of my rope evokes respect and security.
... I let you feel its ability to wrap itself around any curve smoothly like a serpent.
Your wrists are the first to be bound, then from behind your back the rope binds your arms and chest, leaving the nipples prominently exposed.
... I think of two things while looking at them: to touch them right at that moment or to prolong the state of waiting, thus building up the arousal in both of us.
...I also think of other parts of your body, how I want to approach them, what I want to touch them with.
...I make a quick scan of you before I'm fully decided....

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The aesthetics and safety of rope - part 2

The pleasure of keeping you in suspense is poignant; there you are, securely bound, immobile. I tie your balls with the 3mm. rope, tightening it until they're swollen, sensitive, vulnerable. Watching your eyes widen, then I squeeze them and you cry out in pain. This makes me smile. With your balls in my hand, it's wonderful to see what kinds of sounds I can draw out of you. After a couple of minutes of this entertainment I decide to leave you alone for a while, five minutes or more.

...But first I touch your balls very lightly, and watch the helpless desire arise in your eyes. I play with you in this manner for a while until you're quite frantic with lust and need. It's idyllic, this lovely little interlude...
...Then suddenly I slap your balls with my fingertips. You gasp with the shock as your breathing becomes rapid and irregular. My pleasure is intense. You look at me longingly as I walk away. Now you want me more than ever. But what can you do, other than strain against your bonds? I'll be back of course, in a few minutes, to renew the torture, for much longer. Now that you know what's coming to you (after a long suspenseful wait), your anxiety is exquisite.

(image for the part 2 will come soon, be patient!)


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