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My submission to Domina Katarina

Before i arrived at Domina Katarina's door i spent an hour walking and contemplating my fate. A chosen fate.....much that would be  done had only so far existed in my mind and i knocked lightly on her door without fear but great apprehension.

Domina Katarina opened the door and summoned me in. She had this evocative ebullience that infused me instantly....i was hers and she knew it. Minutes later i was nude....exposed...at her feet and our time started to flow.Much i could describe but words do not suffice....tied and controlled i had no words to say. Slender and graceful Domina Katrina knew her control and that soon i would be asking for more. Secrets for her ears only......the resolution of a mystery....so much more...an elixir that blended  the physical with the mind and left me in a state of ever wanting more.

Nothing is forever....my time with Domina Katarina had come to an end. Physically i was back but the rest of me had to be rescued with hot tea. Finally calm enough to walk back out that door i knew i would be coming back.......i felt strong and full of life. I cannot explain how Domina Katarina could take so much yet leave me with more then when i entered but i do know that she is a force.....a beautiful flower of the universe and ever so dangerous.



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