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I know how to take care of my...

I remember seeing an old black and white movie of which I can recall only one scene, where bank robbery is taking place. A girl, separated from all other captives is taken to a private room. Tied to a chair. a young criminal teases her, while his accomplices are busy with their serious business in the main hall of the bank. He gags her with her own scarf, and puts his foot onto her lap. He laughs about her not being able to move, threatening that if she is naughty and squirms too much on her seat, he will rip her blouse open. I think at the end of the movie she fell in love with him.

An explanation? She was bound to him, and depended on his decisions. After a while she even might have felt secure and safe with him, as for the whole time he kept her alive just to amuse himself with her beauty.

This paradoxical psychological phenomenon is called the Stockholm syndrome*, which is found in victims that have been kidnapped or held captive, with a lack of physical abuse, kept alive. The captive begins to see the captor as showing some degree of kindness. Locked out from the outside world, the only person the victim is able to see is the captor himself.

As the hostage is restricted from contact with other people or outside events, the captor becomes the window to the world she is no longer able to experience. Thus depending on coming to her to feed her, to let her wash herself, rewarding her for good behaviour, giving her life by not killing her, she feels emotionally attached.

Having said this, there is still a little innocent creature within that even though not for real, wants to experience the power one has over someone’s life.

I like to be seen on the evil side! Sexily dressed; I wear my tight, tough looking black leather pants with a white, clean-cut blouse. My waist, cinched in a black leather corset and leather high-heeled boots, give me a look of the dangerous female; while the black tie give me a touch of masculine authority.

You instantly drop to your knees in a gesture of worship. I grab you by your collar, and pull you across the floor to my chair, where bound uncompromisingly to a chair, I gag you, not with my scarf, but with a rubber gag with a wide-shaft opening. Note that I didn’t blindfold you, encouraging you instead to gaze upon every inch of my icy beauty.

I know best how to take care of my hostage. And here comes the opposite version of the Stockholm syndrome, another phenomenon called the Lima Syndrome. With the passage of time, your emotions are evidently deep enough to worship me. So I’ll set you free, because I like you. You have fulfilled my need to control.

*The syndrome is named after the robbery of bank in Stockholm in 1973 where hostages had been kept for 5 days. It is a case now used as an example in responding to hostage situations.


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