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Personal s#0

I and my personal s#0 went for a shopping trip. (I had in mind to get a particular type of underwear: a summer outfit rather than a comfy warm style preparing for fall.*) The reason? To get out of routine studio session, to get some fresh air and absorb rays of sun shine before the clouds of rainy season darken up the sky.

Main duties of slave no.0 usually are, but not limited to driving me around when I need it, cleaning and scrubbing spotless my studio and equipment, running my errands and entertaining me by quietly and thoroughly massaging my feet. It is my pleasure to tirelessly correct his behaviour by whatever means and to let him know, that even though he thinks he is smart he is yet to learn his greatest lesson. I take great delight in nagging him about his protruding belly, forcing him to do sit ups or push ups while sitting on his back. His never-ending eagerness to please is amusing and absurd at the same time. My wishes are his orders and my whims become his aims. The rewards he gets for his performance vary; like for example the outing mentioned above or potential service when my girlfriends are around. Now that is a special one. Whenever I'm hosting a party he has to be ready to withstand his inevitable misery and frustration, our laughs, moods and whims, which never extend further than us ordering him around with hands full of glasses and bottles and attending to feet and shoes... After such encounters he calls me and asks: "Did I do well, Domina Katarina?" There are always! … always things to improve, better ways of service, paying extra attention to details that can enhance the experience of all the participants, like carrying away my girlfriends shoes in his mouth, while not looking them in the eye.... If he has nothing else to do, I like him to kneel facing the wall, hands behind his back, waiting for my next command.

Despite his nasty fantasies (I know them all! too well) he is at his happiest when fulfilling a task, making me a proud Mistress. *crotchless. Oh did I mention it to you? I have a new piercing: a beautiful shiny jewel, a hidden pearl. I really hope that you see the connection of these two.


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