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The thousandfold of erotic options

It is the possibility that occurs to me as beautiful and desirable. I have you, here in my studio, in your full bloom, nude, pristine figure upon which I wish to sign myself. It is merely the looks that draws me to you. Your unveiled physics is a partial reality I seek to indulge in. What appears to be hidden is what I want to explore. The possibility, the thousand fold of options gets my attention.

(There is character with a hunch back, nystagmus and his neck is cushioned with fat and thin hair. I think of desires of this man: perhaps being taken as prisoner of a rich middle age lady who tried everyone for lover but him. She nurtures his ugliness, makes him her extreme love machine. There is a childless young woman with an obviously created doll like face, botox lips and plastic breasts. She stands in front of a mirror, naked, and practises her vulgar seduction, wetting her finger with saliva, then encircling and pinching her nipples, while fantasizing about a group of men filling her up, filling up her emptiness.)

It is not about what I'm just about to or promised you to do to you. First I need to see your excitement about my presence. I need to see you becoming an object of desire. Play your part, be an artist, be a creator of your own shape! Then I shall reveal the absolute form, something in you that is white, blank...


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