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November 2010

Public Play

Public play is somewhat risky. That's the beauty of it. The thrill of being caught (judged and the object of contempt), or possibility of it, arouses the senses; as awareness of what's happening all around, outside and most of all inside, is heightened. I recall a childhood memory, playing doctor's games on a hot summer day. Where else if not in some cool hiding place like rows of neat bushes in a park, memory of hearing passers-by, of a sudden muteness, holding breaths, while doing no more than curiously lifting up skirts to show off each other's.... shiny thighs.
Such moments, these first steps on a path of human sexuality are treasured and rarely spoken of little secrets, but not forgotten. BDSM and D/s scenes open doors for rediscovering this type of erotic experience: we no longer need to be afraid of “doing the forbidden” as we are of legal age for sexual encounters, even though in some cases being caught and reported to authorities may result in penalties. So be careful when playing...! Also, it is essential to respect certain social and moral boundaries. We live among human beings who are not necessarily interested in, or might be alarmed by, seeing us walking on the street with hands tied behind the back. They don't necessarily want to encounter our practises in the open, just as we are not into witnessing their vanilla intercourse in for example a darkened cinema, where the lights come suddenly on.
It is a different situation, of course, where in a scene a submissive wears for example a concealed cock ring or a CB underneath his sissy panties.

Here I am with my playmate, who also likes to expose her playfulness to nothing owing, a transparent audience of the public sphere. She came to see me as usual, dressed in a short skirt with no panties underneath, as per my instructions. I warmed her up with a regular teasing check up, then slowly took off her tank top.
I played around and teased her. Then, when I had enough I locked her in a dark 2 x 1 meter double purpose wooden storage container. After couple of minutes, through an opening created by lifting up one of the wooden planks (a gap not big enough for anyone to sneak through), I pushed through a butt plug with lube, inserting exactly where it belonged. I left her alone again for some time, then again returned with another toy: a little insertable egg controlled by a cordless remote...

After this, I put on my leather pants, my boots, rouged my lips and only when I was ready I opened the storage cage. My little naughty kitty cat was looking at me almost disappointed, (at the end of our playtime she admitted that when she saw me all dressed up she was sad and thought that the game was over) as if she didn't want to leave the security of that place. In fact, the game had just started. I ordered her to slip on her summer skirt, fix herself up as we were just about to leave for a little promenade. I tested the vibration of the egg by resting one palm of mine on my girl's juicy fruit and the other one found itself between her cheeks pressing on the knob of a plug. Everything was properly secured with a rope: what if it just happens to slide out in a crowd of soccer fans?

Thus we set out to the streets. We stopped by in a coffee shop. I comfortably sat in a chair while my girl was shaking, vibrating inside out to buy two hot espressos. The remote was easy to operate. Whenever I pushed the button I could read, besides blushing, the message in her eyes: excitement, rush, embarrassment, arousal. She did as the remote in my hand was dictating, while I enjoyed observing the reaction.

To all those around us, we looked pretty innocent.


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