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November 2010

Parking him

On a fine sunny October day I exposed my slave to a darkness of a wooden box cage. I did so to enjoy, undisturbed, the arrival of my kitty. As soon as she stepped through the threshold, all so sexy; high heel boots, tight jeans, leather jacket, we briefly kissed and I navigated her further in to show her my naked prisoner.

She helped me fasten the restraints binding his wrists. In order to do that we climbed on top of the box, lifted a single piece of 2 by 4 to quick-peek inside, while grabbing his arms. Within seconds they were hanging, helplessly, each on one side of the box's ceiling. To finish this image of the sufferer I gagged his mouth with a latex shaft gag, then I finally closed the lid. I stuck a big red funnel in a strategically placed hole in the box, as I knew, soon I'll be needing to go to pee.

Of course, the gag wouldn't have made any sense, if it didn't have a rubber tube attached all the way up, to funnel's lip. I was in a great foreplay mood, smiling, chirping and excited, telling my naughty kitty about my plans for the night, what I was intending to do to her, how I wanted to tease and sexualize her, turn her into my toy, a horny little slut..., just me and her, without the slave's presence....

One more glass of water made me sure to pee. I wanted to record this memorable act of humiliation for future purposes, so I passed a camera to my kitty cat explaining her what to press at what time and how to focus.
So again I kicked off my high heels, climbed on top and peed into the funnel. I could hear the slave squirming underneath me, enjoying the flavour, moaning with pleasure that at least my stream touched his poor existence. All done: the video clip finished, my urge to pee dealt with, I released the restraints, though still keeping the slave locked inside the box.

I did one more thing before we took off. I set the laptop with web cam, passed it through a narrow gap between the floor and the door of the box and ordered my slave to pick up my skype call when I want him to see what I was about to do that night in a privacy of my house, in my bedroom, with my licking and adoring kitty cat. Then we zoomed away on her motorbike, leaving behind the sound of our laughs, the intoxicating smell of our perfumes and as well, a little puddle that emerged from the released gag he was supposed to clean...

We spent the next couple of hours in a computerized twilight ignoring my slave's mesmerized look...and enormous erection, of which my kitty remarked that "still it could never be compared to your big rubber dick, Domina Katarina!"


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