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10 December 2010 @ 09:55 am


It's Saturday afternoon. I arrive to my studio where my sissy maid patiently and humbly waits for me in front of the building. The Hostess and her servant.
Unlocking the door I enter the evening of laughter, long hair, braided whips, leather accessories... Amber follows me in.

I am already dressed for the occasion: white blouse, satin pencil skirt and leather corset, but Amber really needs to be turned into a maid. (S)he dresses quickly, but clumsily, I tease her about the bulge that only barely fits in her panties. Blond wig, pink lipstick and shiny high heels of colossal size finish off the look of a French maid.
While I'm setting up the room to accommodate the certain number of girls, lighting the candles, creating the atmosphere, Amber, my kitchen fairy, is preparing simple snacks, polishing wine glasses, nervously fixes her hair, before the guests ring the bell. I come up to her teasing her with the possibility of a kiss and the promise of sweet reward if (s)he does well at the end of the party. The only thing left to her, for now, is to enjoy the opportunity to wear her sexy little outfit, to indulge in tightness of panties enveloping what cannot be missing and needs to be present, though invisible, on any good women's party...

CFNM is what inspired me organize this event. This time, though, males were not meant to be naked, but be part of the group in the one and the only way possible and that is to be dressed as girls. And serve us, clothed females, as we cannot forget the real purpose of their presence (existence).
Yes, that's right: one more boi arrives this evening and is instantly sent to undress, put on his pink panties and bikini top. Let's address him as a foot (massage) boi. Only then he is allowed to enter the room, where couple of girls are already seated, chatting, sipping their wine, checking out and complimenting each others outfits.

Morta is here, naturally, dressed in black, wearing shiny tight pants, knee high lace up soldier boots, tight top revealing her breasts to make you stare, deadly stunning.
My Russian girlfriend is here too: leather shorts over silky nylons and a beautiful black and white over bust corset embraces her feminine figure, revealing fully her delicate arms with tattoos. She is the one who brings various floggers.
Prettier than a pinup girl arrives C. She wears simple black clothing, but just look at her, the face of a wicked angel! She seduces everyone with her beautifully made up smiling lips and darting mischievous eyes.
And of course, the "girl who does my videos" cannot be missing from such gathering. She is charming wearing her blue jeans and a tank top, but far from ordinary, as L. is a strong personality with not only beautiful face and gorgeous body, but also a bright mind and a keen eye for capturing all the right detail on video. However, instead of holding a camera, she gets to wield a whip tonight.
Knocks on the door unveil my girlfriend "girlfriend" ever so sexy in a little black dress, open toe high heel shoes, perfect make-up. Even though she is not wearing my collar tonight she is pleased to find the room full of pretty hot, sexy women, toying with the idea of a game...

Everyone is in a playful mood. While Amber is busy serving drinks, stepping over massage boi, whose hands are full of feet, Morta presents a pair of quick ties and foot boi suddenly finds himself tied onto a bar stool exposing his ass.
The game begins. Ladies get to choose any tool from my wall with which they can discipline foot boi, taking turns, while he is to guess who implemented the strokes. He guesses and we punish, cheerfully, until he guesses right. Amber looks on in anticipation, with admiration, perhaps a touch of jealousy. Besides ordering drinks, absorbed in the game my girlfriends keep on ignoring her. Inspired and loosened up by liquefied grapes, their cheeks are on fire...smell of leather slashes the air as they cannot wait to hear their name victoriously announced by the tied, but lucky cutie boi.

My story ends here, dear followers.
I will tell you the finale of this night some other time, as anticipation is the greater part of pleasure.


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