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February 2012

Post-Valentine's Celebration

My post Valentine’s celebration of kink and freedom, in every sense like love, happened as smoothly as a freshly shaved skin.

Obediently, my sissy has arrived wearing panties, bringing goods as ordered.

I, as always, in a mood for play, collar him.

That is a first step in turning him into a slutty girl. Black lace corset with garters and stockings, high heels, red lipstick. His dream comes true: once again he gets to be my plaything, pretending to be my girlfriend. I want her hairless; I want to shave her pubic hair.

There is no sexier surface than a smooth human skin, softened by razor blade. The feel of it sends shivers down my spine. The sensation of lingerie embracing the silky skin awakens in my palm a need to explore. Satin fabric suddenly turns into soft genitals, evoking freshness, youth, eroticism…

I tie him down; arms chained behind the head, legs stretched out, chained to the other end of the bed and I let him relax before I proceed.
I prepare warm water, take out the foam he brought, check on a razor and then put on rubber gloves. Pulling the panties down to his knees I explain that this is absolutely necessary in becoming my sissy slut and that once he touches his privates it will be a newly found, long forgotten sensation of purity. The shaving foam is applied and it creates a white triangle covering his pubic bone and balls, where only a little piece of flesh, which I call clitty, sticks out. I begin shaving, making sure to let him know how hairless and girl-like he’ll be afterwards.

Half way through the depilation I order him to turn around on his stomach supporting himself on elbows and lift up his bum. I imagine having both, his front and his rear, nice and smooth. I again make sure to comment, how embarrassing and how non-masculine he’ll look. He cannot do much against it only to let go and wait for the end result…

…which is amusing and sexy. His little clitty, by the way very feminine without the former fur coating, is raised high up in the air, which of course doesn’t make it look any bigger. After loosening the chain bondage I allow him a quick touch and as soon as he reaches down there he lets out a meek moan and appears unwilling to release the firm grip, but continues, with one hand discovering the softness of balls, with the other masturbating.

My immediate answer to this is NO. “No-no, girls don’t do this. No jerking off! We’ll hide your small shaven balls and clitty back into your panties. That is where they fit perfectly“ - I say to him (or her?) teasingly, laughing and let him kiss my boots in gratitude. Now, completely sissified, he is ordered to leave with blue balls.


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