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June 2012

The Leather Hood

The leather hood designed to completely encase the head, restrict vision, dull the sound, with a detachable dildo gag fill the mouth, buckles that lock in place, with soft cushioning around the face section for comfortable sitting, is somewhere in the air above the vast Atlantic. Carefully wrapped by shaking hands of a submissive, who’s hoping to impress and be in my presence one day, it was sent to me as a gift. Working on being patient by this write up I see myself opening the box, touching the bare hood. Closing my eyes I bring it near my face to enhance its scent. I recognize the smell of leather and distinguish it from faux materials by signals of my body. These are intimate spasms one could notice only if I was a man and had a penis. Arousing pulsations that awake my senses are most intense where my thighs meet, when I’m cross-legged, on my braless breasts when fabric, like a good lover, places its attention on my nipples.

Leather has an empowering effect on me; I feel the raw femaleness melting, wetting, staining my panties. But rather than becoming meek, I grow aggressive and controlling. I find satisfaction in teasing, seizing and captivating you.

Tracking down the number of the shipment on line now I know I have two days left. By the time you get to read this, dear admirer, the hood will already be tested. In what way and how I will let you know if you gallantly ask.


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