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October 2012

Sexually Intelligent Men

It really takes courage to accept submissive inclinations and play out those deeply rooted attributes that expose one’s vulnerability. Perhaps there is a naughty daredevil in all of us that wants to be put in place and punished adequately. Hence I only find the brave to act on this desire.

I am especially talking about those individuals who have both their professional and personal life separated and hidden from their sexual personae, and with a well written introduction and respectful approach, await my electronic response.

Gentlemen who accept their submissive nature within the erotic concept of bdsm play appear to be relieved, truthful and boyish, no matter the age, in their sexual manifestations. I see this feature being presented in fine courting, such as that they try hard to gain my attention through little things: well chosen words, proper and frequent addressing as affirmation of each of our respective statuses… finally letting go of being the initiators.

Sexually intelligent men know that women appreciate sensuality in any form as a foreplay, be it either smooth skin (shaved pubic hair), clean soft hands (massaging…), nonaggressive hints of lust (boner bulging in pink panties), fine fabrics (silk, leather, latex…) exquisite scents and flavours (golden nectar).

Their desire to be whatever I want them to become and their wish to do what pleases me animates my visions into very concrete erotic images, which then with both of our participation turn into authentic theatre. I am sweet and merciless, vital and dead serious: my submissive humble, yet confident in his role, he doesn’t just rely on my guidance and entertaining, he modestly gestures his desire and actively engages in creating a memorable scenario.

Let’s say when I smack his ass for not properly cleaning the implements and he answers “Thank you Domina Katarina for correcting me!”, it means that he understood it, but just in case, not to forget, he gets another one. Now, with calm and subdued eyes, he looks at me, wanting to please me even more. Because there is the ultimate aim of every man, which comes from his given anatomy, and that is to proceed forward, get as close as possible and score.

Commands and challenging tasks represent obstacles through which the submissive has to work his way out and prove his potency, his worth. I love seeing him all horny with an erect, hand-polished, smooth cock - the great evidence of life and arousal, his skinny, hungry body wanting just one thing: explosive orgasm! I love the speed and the impeccable precision he is able to work with in this state. Knowing that if he fails he will get punished one way or another, he dares not refuse and thus do my tease-tortures continue, leading to more arousal.

And please! Just remember here my take on male orgasms! Rare, highly valued occurrence!


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