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January 2013

Interrogation II

He watched as she strode into the room, long black leather pants, high heeled boots, white shirt and black tie all covering her beautiful, lithe sensual body. His determination not to succumb and to maintain his innocence was tested as, his hands and legs chained to the chair, she tore open his shirt. She grabbed his nipples tightly, her red colored lips just inches from his face. Questions came fast and the nipple caressing intensified as the white light shone into his eyes and the rest of his prison garb was ripped from his body, exposing his cock to her view. His arrogance began to wane as his hands were clamped over his head and her boots pressed into his cock, her hands dropping down and beginning to slowly tease his erection.

Tweezer clamps with the rubber removed clamped viciously onto his nipples and he squirmed in pain, as she demanded her answers. Loving the feel of the clamps sending jolts through his body but determined to avoid stating the truth, his resolve was tested. Lube dropped onto his penis and he writhed in ecstasy as she expertly brought him close to explosion, all the while demanding the truth. To tease him more she opened her shirt slowly, giving a fleeting glimpse of her studded nipples. She then removed her leather pants to show what he most desired but could not have, her barely covered hot ass.
Still he professed his innocence.

He was led back to the chair, nipple suction clamps forced onto him, and then the tweezer clamps and finally the crop flicked viciously across his erect nipples as he cried in pain and succumbed to her every wish. The truth fell from his lips. Her moment of triumph had arrived as he was forced to his knees and her strap on was pushed again and again into his mouth as he learned to suck on it and enjoy it. Standing satisfied, now hot and glowing with triumph, she felt immense satisfaction thinking already about the next time...


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