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And Again More Leather

Leather is the stuff fetish dreams are made of. Literally. I don’t know what my life would look like without the most noble material of all. For me, leather is the ultimate elixir and aphrodisiac. No doubt about that. Leather is timeless and classy. It can be designed in so many ways that drive any fetishist’s heart crazy. Leather is an experience made with all the senses: its look, touch, taste, smell and sound. Is there anything more attracting than a beautiful lady all dressed up in skintight black leather? A woman who is fully aware of her choice of style, and their perception? Only such a lady gives meaning to the leather and unveils its absolute power over a submissive soul. Leather is the perfect expression of Femdom. Nothing underlines more the natural supremacy of women over men than this obvious accessory: Leather coats and jackets, leather pants, leather boots, leather bras, leather panties, leather gloves, leather masks. Leather, leather, leather. What a delight!

All my life I have been looking for the Leather Goddess who controls me and turns me into something completely new: a devoted leather slave. my unresting search has led me to many countries of Europe and even farther. The famous novel by Sacher-Masoch has inspired me from my early teenage years. But in my case it was the Leather Goddess, not the Venus in Furs i was looking for. There were times in my life, I was almost despairing of this leather-clad obsession. When i wanted to give up and just start to live a normal life, Domina Katarina appeared like a divine revelation that changed my life completely. Yes, She is the One i have been looking for the past decades. She is the One who always was in mind even before we knew about each other. More than any other Mistress or Dominatrix She represents all my dreams and desires. It is She who loves leather the same way i do. No one rocks the leather the way She does. It is impossible to resist Her. The only way to face Her Divinity & Glory is on my hands and knees, because for me, She definitely
is the ultimate Leather Goddess. i am so grateful to have met Her and to belong to Her. She has taught me where my place in life is: Under Her, beneath Her leathered body that enslaves me together with Her beautiful mind. I am under Her spell regardless of the 5000 miles that separate us. The distance in space and time is not an insurmountable obstacle, but a chance to focus more on the psychological aspects of D/s. The mental cinema can produce kinky and lasting memories under the right guidance...

Nevertheless, i am very desperate to walk behind Her in public and to be at Her mercy at Her studio, where She is using me for a ride, wearing leather chaps, leather boots and a spiked leather bra, with a leather crop in Her leather-gloved hand. Perhaps it pleases Her to wear a strap-on, too. There are infinite ways to bring out Her innermost dominant nature and satisfy Her sadistic thirst. Under Her, my leather fantasies become reality. The perfect refuge and source of leather fetish.

(written by
leather slave-boi)


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