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The Thrill Of Anticipation

My heart is pounding during the elevator ride up to Domina Katarina's studio. I practice my breathing to calm myself down, but it is hard and my racing heart feels like it is about to burst from the excitement, fear, and desire I have whenever I am fortunate enough to submit to Her. I wonder if this lovely, sadistic Domina knows this; I am sure She does, She seems to know everything about Her 'toys'. The air feels thick with my own lust, and I notice everything around me, it's weirdly intense and stuck in time. There is also the familiar stirring in my cock, which has been Domina Katarina's property for the last 27 days, not having had an orgasm in that time. She had ordered me not to orgasm weeks before, and as the willing horny slave boi I am, I obeyed. I can barely think now, I am so consumed with lust and the desire to serve Her and to submit to Her cruel, wonderful dominance. It's one of Her favourite games, denying Her slave release before a session when She will have the chance to relentlessly tease and torture me.

Finally, after weeks of anticipation and building excitement, I knock at Her door and hear the aching familiarity of sharp heels across a wooden floor. The door silently opens. I enter, and see Her, Domina Katarina, so, so beautiful it's startling. I quickly look at the floor, to gaze upon such beauty seems to me like a privilege I haven't yet earned. Of course Domina Katarina will allow and order to me to look; she knows the effect She has on me. Her eyes intoxicate and command at the same time, the mischievous light and sparkle of them mesmerize me. She is dressed exquisitely in latex, rubber, and leather boots, exuding confidence. So sexy; so, so sexy. She grabs my cock and balls to see how they are doing after being denied so long. I respond to Her touch, and my balls feel huge and full of cum. She lets go and orders me to strip and crawl into Her studio. As I struggle to disrobe as fast as possible while remaining tidy, I can't help but marvel at Domina Katarina's round, full ass swaying ever so softly and softly swaying in Her latex mini-skirt as She walk's to the centre of Her studio to wait. A hint of perfect, white thigh above the rubber stockings teases and tantalizes; she always knows exactly what she is doing with Her games.

I crawl on my hands and knees and the hunt is on; it will end as it always does, Domina Katarina claiming Her prize; my complete and total submission to Her.

I kiss and worship the toes of of Her lovely leather boots, crawling around while she moves slightly to give me total access to her shiny, shiny boots. I feel like this is the true home for me, a horny slave boi; on the floor before a Beautiful Goddess, in supplication to Her dominance. She orders orders me up to my knees before Her, now it is time. Time for the leather collar which signifies Her ownership of me during the session. Oh such joy, to be in thrall to Domina Katarina once again, truly I am the luckiest little slave boi on earth tonight!

She orders me to clean her spectacular outfit, a cloth and special oil is provided and I have the great good fortune to actually touch Domina Katarina, working my way carefully up Her slender sexy figure, being as patient as I can be not to touch Her bare flesh, even though by this point that is what I want most in this world. It is so maddening to be this close, but it is also so amazing, Goddess has generously allowed me the rare privilege of touching Her all over! With a coquettish grin, She casually mentions that we missed a piece.
Her thong! My heart almost stops as she commands me to undo Her lovely mini-skirt. I slowly pull the zipper down, revealing the most wondrous of sights, Her bright red thong, covering Her beautiful, sexy pussy and ass. 'Oh my God!' I whisper to myself as I begin to polish, yet again being as careful as I possibly can. When I am done, she abruptly and roughly forces me into Her crotch. I am literally in heaven, for to be in such a position with Domina Katarina is indeed heavenly. I am so horny now, and Domina Katrina has brilliantly set the stage for the tease torture that is to follow.

She will torture my nipples with Her slender hands followed by a whipping followed then by a series of clamps attached greedily to my throbbing and sore nipples. She will alternate this beautiful torment with Her stroking of my engorged cock but will not let me orgasm. Over and over I will be brought to the brink by Domina Katarina but I am commanded to let Her know when I am close to erupting. My disgusting slave seed will not be spilled in the presence of a Goddess such as Domina Katarina tonight. There will be much physical torture also; pleasure and pain are completely intertwined in the dark, beautiful world that Domina Katarina inhabits and She weaves both like a sorceress. There too will be psychological torture, She is a surgeon wielding the thinnest and sharpest of samurai blades when it comes to Her words and how she uses them. Pulling on the chain holding my nipple clamps while teasing my cock, She will look into my eyes and I will know in the deepest recesses of my soul that at that moment I am Hers. My voice is hoarse, I am so consumed with desire and lust for Her. She's so beautiful, standing so close to me, and she smells divine and I will want to sneak a kiss but of course I don't, such things are not for horny slave bois such as myself. She will order me to the ground beneath Her, sitting on my face and smothering me with Her delicious ass. She will whip me, and torment me, and allow me to suck Her toes and worship Her even further through out the session. She will always be one step ahead of me, weaving Her spell, casting me further and further into submission to Her. I will absolutely love it. I will be spent at the end of the evening even though she will send me home with the worst case of blue balls I have ever had in my life but I will be extremely happy, having suffered the wonderful magic of Domina Katarina's tease torture once again.


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