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(The Daring Touch)

I am met with a challenge: the challenge of continuation, the daring touch of persistent illumination. It is both alarming as it is filled with genuine joy. Like in any field, there are dangers on my exploration path, too. They make me sceptical and questioning things, turning the fireball in my cool hands to see every possible edge, calms the innate curiosity of an explorer, where the magic of unknown is an attractive light in the tunnel, leading, like a coach towards the source and I cannot say with certainty that I have found it, thus along these lines there is nothing to share with you just yet, but since this is a process, it also is at the same time a goal itself: to search even when loosing strength sometimes, in which case the only thing that helps in recovering is a nonstop inquiry of my counterparts.

After an extremely fruitful summer, spent overseas in the lands of europe's heart and by the shore of Mediterranean waters and glacial lakes, after a time travel via national museums, after shifting head spaces between contentment, charm, sobriety, revulsion and admiration, I am now back to my base in Vancouver, enjoying the sun and the rainfall of kinky encounters on this edge of the world.

(The Ultimate Whip)

I keep thinking about that awesome antique whip. Its superb, weighty design, its expert craftsmanship, and the subtle, well-oiled texture it has developed over many years of hard use. I imagine its previous owner must have been a very powerful, respected person who used it expertly on the animals or people that He (or preferably She) controlled. It obviously has seen a lot of use, and many subjects have probably benefited from the discipline it delivered. It is most appropriate that this wonderful instrument has found its way into Your hands. There could be nobody more perfect than You to own this whip.
You wield it with such authority, and such skill. You are now that powerful, respected person who uses it so expertly. You will keep it well exercised, so that it never loses its patina, nor its power to impose Your will upon Your subjects.
No doubt You could tell from my reaction what effect it had on me!!
Would I ever plead for Your mercy when You were using this whip on me? Absolutely not. It would no doubt dishonour the rich history of the whip, and judging from the way it is worn, anyone who ever did probably only received in an ever more severe whipping for such insolence.

(part II. written by Domina Katarina's submissive)


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