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I Just Can't Get Enough

I just can’t get enough and always need more. If I humiliate you by the the way I behave when you’re aroused, it is because I want to see your limits. If you’re bold, you won’t be afraid of my tactical moves, you would understand them only as my means of being, as means of exploring myself, my surrounding and the erotic possibilities of existence. I consider you weak and amiable anyways. With my sweet voice I will promise you heights and I will whisper in your ear while you shiver with arousal. I will perversely entrap you so that I can protect you my own bizarre way.

I just can’t get enough and always need more. Since I don’t always know, what exactly it is I want at the given moment, I get very excited with various prospects and creatively set out to explore my curiosity.

Last time I saw you for our regular sexy play date I decided to put my outdoor boots on – knee high patent leather lace up boots with about inch and half heels – and take you, my little puppy-boi, for a stroll. The sun was shining, the birds twiddled their spring mating songs and I felt like getting out of the comfort of my play space and explore the outer limits you may or may not have.

I knew that by the time evening comes, the time of your expected punctual arrival, you would be full of erotic excitement – to say the least, as I prohibited you to masturbate and have orgasm since the day we agreed on meeting, which was 11 days ago. I didn’t share much of my fantasy with you, all you knew was that you were about to experience a new level of tease. I kept you for those 11 days in a suspension, horny, fantasizing about what I have in my mind. I bet your dirty imagination took you far beyond mine, as really, all I planned to do was to go out and enjoy the Saturday evening’s ocean side park.

6 pm, buzzer, greeting at the door, after being ordered to undress you crawl naked to kiss my boots, your cock hard, your balls shaven smooth, collar placed on your neck, small plug inserted into your butt with only minor struggle of which result, however, is your absolute obedience. Then came the blindfold and the rope work. Shibari I chose for that night served not only practical purpose of ensuring the plug’s stability, but also to please my eyes and enhance my power over you. The Kikkou, with strategically placed knots, did not restrict you in movement at all. Indeed, I wanted you to move almost freely, as if you wore no reminders of my control. And then, seemingly out of a spontaneous whim, I told you to get dressed. your surprised look was cut off by my serious expression. you obeyed and when you were struggling to put your socks and shoes on for our excursion (the ropes were cutting in with each bend of your body, pushing the plug deeper), I pulled up my latex mini skirt and casually brushed up against your face with my ass, before I reached for my leather trench coat. I put a long silk scarf around your neck to cover your collar and from behind my dark sun glasses the evening looked brighter than ever. We got lots of stares, but we didn’t care… I mean, you looked a bit uptight, no wonder. I told you to take some photos of me, which you did. They turned out blurry, because of your shaking hands. I told you to take me for a drink, which you did. It was good and so you left a generous tip, all while you wore my ropes under your clothes, my collar hidden under the unisex yet feminine scarf, and the butt plug, which you had to sit on. I allowed you to have a glimpse of my thigh and pointed at the tear the rough leather coat made on a silk stocking. With this we headed back to my place. you undressed again on my command. I tied you on the floor, teased you from top, spread-legged, then face sat you multiple times, forced you to worship my latexed ass and strictly restricted you to cum.


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