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Wild Side of Erotic Kinky Play

Let's see. It's November and the right time to write about sexy things of life does not depend on the season. Erotic writings are being born from strong personal experiences no matter the time of year, even though it's true that I, as a visual woman, am very stimulated especially in summer, when heat makes one shed as many layers as possible, leaving one comfortably revealed.

What I find important to say about November though, is that I need to, actively, look for sensual inspiration, more than ever. Rain casts cool reflections on streets and moods. Think of me as crazy, but just the other day I thought of, on the spur of a sunny moment, putting on my leather trench coat, going out into the streets and flashing my leather-lingeried skin to surprised passers by....this of course remained just a fantasy: don't expect to ever meet me randomly in Vancouver Downtown like this.

However, what really cheered me up that day was a man who, naked, crawled over to me with a leash on his cock and amused me with his clumsiness when ordered to polish my leather. He first started with my opera gloves, continued with high heel open-toe lace up shoes, and was told that he will have to polish whatever leather I was wearing, even under my clothes. His hands were shaking, a few times the bottle of leather cleaner dropped to the ground and when the lotion squirted out I laughed out loud, joking that not even the bottle has my permission to cum. After that I gave him a little break, tied him on all fours, elbows and forehead on the floor, heavy metal collar and ankle bar locked in place. I let him rest like this and in the meantime I brought out more leather boots, which he, released, then cleaned and polished, thus giving me a kind of foot and calf massage, where the main rule was to avoid spoiling or tearing my black sheer stockings.

I had the whole afternoon designated just to make the best and most out of having this slave: my mouth became wet, my tongue began to salivate and crave for essential, primal taste before delving into real, wild side of erotic kinky play. Using Kikkou, my favourite Japanese bondage on his slim, fit body, glistening with sweat, I sent him with very specific instructions, collar still on his neck, to get me chocolate. You should have seen the speed with which he returned all excited that he did not displease me.

I ripped open the chocolate package; the square dissolved in my mouth, turned me euphoric while he quickly and impatiently undressed. I had him lie flat on his back on the floor, bound his wrists and ankles. I had him watch me slowly slip off my satin pleated skirt, displaying my firm thighs and fifties-style, satin, black panties with garters. At this point my top was already off, thus the cupless leather bra just made perfect sense.

So there he was, exploited by my stripped ego, dependent on my decision, hoping I'd be gently rough and elegantly firm, while I was first elegant, then gently firm and later only rough, when I finally spread my legs and sat on his face, denying him even the slightest in-breath, but keeping up the fire with eye contact and wicked laughter. When I allowed him to take a breath, he mumbled that my breasts are beautifully self-supportive like me. I understood this remark as his hopeless wish to polish that little piece of leather which failed to cover my nipples....and further granted him the pleasure of more breathlessness....


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