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Life in the city, where foreigners take photos with the camera lens turned facing them while sunset serves as their backdrop, can be at times inspiring. It means encasing the moment and holding on to it through a perfectly posed image. This moment can be then revived and reviewed via signing in to their virtual accounts, where a collection of themselves is stored in gigabytes, cloud-like, and is shared worldwide. And of course, let me add, it is not just tourists manifesting this behavior. Locals capture themselves in various situations, happy and catastrophic time-spaces...

This seems to be the era of self-preservation as if the days of human life were numbered.
The moment - that fleeting, never-lasting now-ness thrills, excites, provokes, keeps one in touch with existence. It can sometimes last as long as physical climax, sometimes decades or even a lifetime when it comes to personality development, training and discipline. Sometimes the now is bordered with a two hour slot that is specifically designated for certain joyful or necessary activity. Pleasure and pain are reminders of presence, the mind is capable of creating illusion, being in two spots divided by ocean at the same time, senses can be subdued by stimulus from both inside and out, reconstructing past, daydreaming of tomorrow. But a heightened experience is only in the now. Thus wishing for its permanence human have learned to record.

I can't conceal my fascination with this phenomenon, so in the January issue of my journal you'll find accompanying images, autoportraits, selfies - as they are being referred to now, omitting the word photograph - a couple of them taken with a low quality device of everyday use with a built-in, simple editor.
Those, who play-experience me on a regular D/s basis and with whom I developed mutual trust over the past, know about another passion of mine: art and regulated esthetics. In the midst of a play, where their senses rely and depend on my action, my decision, my whim, my mood, I use them as a prop, as a backdrop. My slaves mostly have to be still if not bound while I set the camera, lighting and position myself... On occasion I take a picture as I go through a scene, them being aware of this. However it is I who am the central figure, with the zoom on me, thus I hood my play partners, or I outfit them with silly frilly clothing and a wig. I cover their tattoos with a red fabric or simply turn them around to hide the illustration. I might sit on their face leather clad, I could be spanking them, anything, to get my way and make the moment last, according to my taste and style, pleasing my eyes, stimulating my drive.

Enjoy, enjoy! Take delight! Cheer up! Be happy! Welcome 2016!


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