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The warm wind blew softly through the bedroom window of Domina Katarina’s apartment, gently rustling the curtains and carrying with it the faint trace of the ocean in the distance, waves glistening and sparkling in the suns bright afternoon light. She could feel the wind on her beautiful golden hair slightly moving, as she sat on her bed reading her iPad. She liked the sensation of the wind on her bare skin, and the bright light it seemed to bring with it. But even more, she liked that there was a naked man beneath her. His wrists and ankles were handcuffed to the bedposts, and he unable to move or even breathe except when she adjusted her position from time to time, letting him have short, sharp breaths before sitting down on his face yet again with her gorgeous, lush bottom. She was dressed in one of her ‘classic’ Domina Katarina ensembles, black stockings with garters, black bra and matching corset, black lace panties, and commanding black stiletto knee high boots that perfectly complimented the look of cool command in her beautiful eyes.

Domina Katarina thought about how easy it was, to take this man and make him into her slave over time, using his own intense desire as the key that she would use to unlock everything about him, slowly giving her the control she desired. They all wanted the same thing from her, her attention and her extreme sexuality. Little did they know that that would come with a price, a price; a total loss of control of their situation. It was always the same with these horny little slave bois, they acted on their short term compulsions while she thought of the long term, and how the hunt would end in her favour, as it always did.

Domina Katarina adjusts her position again, putting the iPad down, and slides back slightly so she can look at him. She brushes the hair away from her eyes as she stares, the room completely still in the hush other than the murmur of the curtains slightly swaying in the graceful breeze. He breathes deeply, his lungs filling with the fresh air blowing in through the open window. His face was red, sweaty, and his eyes blinked rapidly in the sudden light of the room which was thickly redolent with the Domina's intense sexuality. Her finger and thumb began stroking his right nipple, gently, then firmly as she started exerting more pressure. Katarina loved looking into her playthings eyes when she tortured them; generally they could not hold her deeply sensuous gaze and looked away, still blinking rapidly. This one was the same: a newer subject, he had come to her looking mainly for sensual domination, with very little real experience in the beauties of sadistic female domination, and it made her want to torture him even more. She squeezed his firm nipple harder. In time she would increase the level of torture and torment, introducing him to levels of pain he had never dreamed of in all his silly horny boi fantasies. She squeezed his left nipple as well, no gently stroking to start, just insistent pressure rapidly turning to pain. Every so often her graceful elegant hand would softly brush his cock, teasing it ever so slightly. He gasped and Katarina slid onto his face again, muffling him and burying him in her lovely intoxicating presence. His tormented nipples were starting to throb with sensation. Over time he would learn that there was always a price to pay for pleasure; pain!

Domina Katarina lifted herself up, giving him time to get a short, sharp breath, before sitting down on him again. His cock twitched eagerly. It was fully erect, even with the pain in his nipples, and this surprised him; deep down he was aware that the pain was contributing to his erection but it still came as a surprise. She was very beautiful, slender, elegant, and full of intuitive wit, but it was’t that alone, no, the pain definitely caused an arousal in him. Domina Katarina knew it would, she had dominated enough horny boi males to recognize a true submissive, even if he didn’t quite realize it himself. He jerked from time to time in his bonds, but she had made sure there was no chance of escape. Katarina enjoyed tormenting him, inflicting pain while giving him just enough air to breath. She knew how much she turned him on, and from now on(this was only their second session), she would make sure all the sensual pleasure he received would come with a healthy amount of pain. Domina Katarina smiled to herself, thinking of the depredations she would put him through, and also at how little he realize the trouble he was in. Wouldn’t he be shocked when she whipped him the first time, or trampled him, or marked him as her property with her golden essence, wouldn’t he be shocked!

Domina Katarina smiled again; all in time she thought to herself, all in time. She had all the time in the world; she knew he would be back soon to crawl across the floor naked to her; she sighed contentedly enjoying the lovely breeze, the beautiful afternoon, and her newest conquest beneath her.

(written by my slave with multiple talents)


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