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The red-lit room—this particular space and light evokes a mood of something forbidden taking place. Like a painkiller soothing an ache, the red light fogs out everything that does not belong to the world of sex, pleasure, and desire. When it comes on, like Pavlov’s dogs I know what instinct to follow. It's not a raw kind of impulse: it is refined, cultivated, controlled, contrived and construed. I turn this light on.

I want to switch off my thinking and let the dynamic lead us into the deep. You soften—I toughen up. The more I grow—the shallower your breaths become. I stand high—you're on the floor.

I spread my legs above your naked body. I imagine you thinking you can see through the inner seam of the leather pants that encase my legs. I let you stare up at the spot where the seams meet. Your wrists are cuffed between the heels and the soles of my boots. Simultaneously you are here and elsewhere. I am facing you and could send a sweet spit to your open mouth, but I won't.

You want what you want: your throbbing, painfully erect cock tells of days’ denial. It cannot be touched at this explosive stage. I turn around, release your wrists, bend over to blow the softest air on to your cock, then slap it hard with my gloved finger tips.

Now you see my ass. The red shimmer in the grain of the leather widens your pupils, then she comes in: another wicked blonde in leather and high heels. The dark lips contrast the porcelain of her face—the only bare skin. She wears a catsuit, zipped from the back, between her butt cheeks, all the way to her chest between her breasts. Her shy expression doesn't hold my gaze for long as she walks towards us. She knows what to do: I told her what I want. X in the red light makes no comments on your hard-on as she carefully places her feet by your ears. She kisses my lips, then sits on your face. I squat down to look straight at her, to reach for her and demand another kiss.

I do not think you're uncomfortable.


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