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(Domina Katarina, thank you for sending me such a beautiful photo! And for permitting me to write this story!)

The other day I received an e-mail from Domina Katarina. It said:

I have sent you an e-mail attachment. Open it!
Domina Katarina"

I did as I was told, of course, and opened the attachment. It was a beautiful photo of Domina Katarina. She was reclining glamorously in a stylish, red-velvet upholstered wooden chair. Her eyes were looking directly into mine! My train of thought went like this:

"I look into your eyes and I immediately become weak. I cannot look away. I feel you pulling me deeper and deeper under your control. I feel you exercising your dominance over me, and it is irresistible. I try to look away, but I am powerless to do so. Your eyes hold me until I am emptied of any free will. What is left is a completely submissive male whose only purpose now is to obey, serve and worship the Superior Female known as Domina Katarina.

My obedience begins immediately. Looking at the photo I see a gloved hand. It is Domina Katarina's hand of authority. I must kiss it reverently. I see beautiful feet. These must be massaged, licked clean, and kissed submissively. I see a pair of gorgeous high heel shoes. These too must be licked clean and polished for Domina Katarina to wear. I see beautiful legs clad in black. These legs will soon straddle my back as Domina Katarina rides me around the room as her pony, whipping me cruelly with her riding crop!

As Domina Katarina rides me for her pleasure, she outlines what my life will be like from now on. As her submissive, my only thoughts will be of her and how to bring her happiness. My role will be that of a servant- I will wash and clean for her. I will drive her to social functions. I will drive her to stores so she may shop for fine clothing. I will pay for her shopping of course.

I am to be an 'on call' servant. I am to be given a cell phone, dedicated for Domina Katarina's communication with me. When she has a duty for me to perform, even on a whim, she will call me and demand that I present myself to perform it. The duty could be the cleaning of the toilet. It could be to clean her shoes and boots and organize them. She may call me to wash and iron her dresses and undergarments. It doesn't matter- I am to be at her beck and call and obey her without question. To emphasize what will happen if I question her authority, Domina Katarina rides me for several more minutes, applying her riding crop liberally to my thighs and ass.

Domina Katarina gets off of me. She has me crawl before her and thank her for enslaving me. She produces a pink leather collar and attaches it to my neck. She holds out a pair of pink frilly panties and tosses them in front of me, ordering me to put them on. This will be my uniform from now on, 24 hours a day. I am to wear the collar and panties as a constant reminder of Domina Katarina breaking me."

I realize that I am still staring at the photo of Domina Katarina. Simply by looking at it has enslaved me and caused me to fall into such a reverie!

Her face has a scornful smile. I am held by her eyes once again, and I can hear her voice. She says to me:

"If a photo of Me can do this to you, you foolish slave, can you imagine the control I will have over you when I summon you into My presence after you beg to see me? My control over you will be absolute, and it will be final!"

I implicitly follow her direction. I begin composing an e-mail:

"Domina Katarina,

This inferior male humbly begs you for the privilege of seeing you this week, if you will permit it...."


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