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June 2014

Closest to a FemDom would be the art of Geishas

Female Domination proved to be for me more than just role reversal and power exchange in BDSM games. When I got involved in it I couldn't believe my senses! It felt refreshing, mentally challenging, intellectual and spiritual, and far from romantic 'reproduction'.

Female Domination is a refinement of sexual expression; education about ethics of sexual behaviour evidently led by a female. With her being in charge it studies, practises and applies erotic skills of seduction through a woman's cultivated, personal power. It's not the sex trade or industry.

With her animated sessions the Dominatrix lets one enter a sphere of eroticism that isn't based on traditional courting encounters and elements. Under her firm guidance she illustrates the thrills of taboo. Over time FemDom for me gained a value higher than the esthetical elegance of the leather clad woman who awakens respect in men, because in fact, it forms and alters men’s behaviour.

It represents the firm but fine, sexual yet discreet, aggressive but non-destructive attitude of a woman. Once found within it has to be taken care of, and explored in its depth. Only then it can be adopted as lifestyle or life philosophy or evolve into performance art. If not, it remains as any other artistic talent. Just being born with it doesn’t mean that an artist was born. Any art demands a whole being, requires searching for its meaning, exploring its presentation, discovering and connecting it with similar fields. Even doubting its purpose, strength and impact is part of the process.

FemDom is an art in all its meanings. It's creative, intuitive; allows space for innovations prior to researching a specific interest. It is thought provoking, meant to entertain, be displayed and pass on a message through performance. It involves elaborate scene preparation: starting from the selection of appropriate props like fetish objects and costumes, ritualized accessories, through considering fantasies, taking into account limitations, all the way to creating the actual scenario, where both, the Domina and her slave feel comfortable enough to be pushed by each other's reactions and responses toward the desired height, or depth.

Clear communication and for that matter language are tools that make each and every bdsm scene or play a unique experience. Negotiation ahead of time is half of the scene's success. And let me stop here for a moment: the language.

Language in bdsm is a medium, where yelling isn't necessary, where whisper becomes the acute transporter. Vulgarities turn into pure, transgressive poetry. It is FemDom where a woman can set her tongue free. In the beginning was the Word.

The word, once unleashed upon a vivid imagination, is an onset of strong emotions and arousal, a spark igniting a flame of desire in the listener. The terminology of bdsm beholds harsh and coarse language at its very core and a building stone, where whole phrases can trigger erection in men. The fact that [it is all the senses that perceive and process erotic impulses, including] the hearing is significant, because it is the state of awareness of senses and arousal, [rather than the final product of it - orgasm] that makes the sm play solely humane, erotic and sensual experience.

Listening is submission. Letting go is submission. Especially when stripped naked and on hands and knees, words becomes the ultimate exciter; magic that makes the bodily fluids flow. Words spoken out of the lips of a fully dressed sexy Domina become an order, order turns into task, task performed naked of layers makes the listener vulnerable, thus mentally and sexually aroused. The Domina hypnotizes the submissive and he follows her audio steps into subspace, which for her is the highest height - surfing on the orgasmic waves.


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