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January 2014

He Doesn't Know... part 2

A few weeks ago I had to visit Vancouver and I was really in the mood for an erotic bdsm game. I browsed through all the profiles of the local Vancouver dommes and hell, Vancouver is blessed with many very very sexy ladies! Domina Katarina directly caught my attention. Her images and site look a little vague; however her wording sounded like music to my ears. I did read all her blogs and it is obvious that she really knows how to play the game! So I send her an email to check if she was available.

We exchanged some ideas via email and it seemed to me that we have similar thoughts on what makes bdsm fun and exciting. So we settled an appointment and as if she could read my mind (I love chastity play), she ordered me not to orgasm any more before we were about to meet. Six days shouldn’t be too hard I still thought by that time, but already after the third day my hormone levels did rise so high that I couldn’t think straight anymore. Hour by hour it became harder and harder to keep myself concentrated on my job. Three more days to go! Not sure what’s the worst: being locked up in a chastity device without being able to touch yourself or having to keep your self-control. For sure she is skilled enough not to fool her! So I had to force myself not too lose self-control, but it was harsh, really harsh!

A few hours before our encounter I received an email from her with the location and a request to bring a bottle of white wine. What a pity that I hadn’t thought of that myself when I was still in Europe, because good wine is hard to get in Canada. On my way to her place I picked up a nice bottle of white and by the time I reached her apartment building I was completely ready for some good fun.

Without any hesitation I rang her doorbell: ‘Hello it’s Alfred here’, When she opened the door our eyes met and I directly melted: ‘Oh my god, she really looks sexy! My eyes stroked over her body from head to toe and back … ‘She doesn’t only look great, but she is also dressed up as like a ‘dream!’ Our eyes met again and …. ‘Oh my goodness, she is really totally sexually irresistible!’ How often do you meet someone that you really find totally sexually irresistible and works on you like a magnet? Tonight must be my ‘lucky’ night, I thought.

Her sweet voice invited me in and she directly told me to undress. When I was finished I took another look at her gorgeous body. She told me to drop on my knees and follow her. Almost naturally I dropped down and crawled behind her with a superb view on of her tight ass covered in leather. She sat down and presented one of her patent leather ankle boots in front of my face and ordered me to kiss them! This was the moment to step into the game and the point where I cannot deny any more that I liked submitting to this beautiful dominant creature. After kissing her boots it was crystal clear that she is in charge and that there would be no doubt that she was in control that night.

She started setting out her rules and I seemed to swallow each of them as if they were little sweets. Only the rule that I was not allowed to look at her any more, unless told to, was a bitter pill. She stood up and picked up a leather collar, closed it around my neck and locked it with a padlock. No way out any more! and she whispered ‘Hopefully I don’t lose the key’. The same ritual with the wrist cuffs which she locked behind my back. I felt my heart beating like hell and yes, she was really in power now! Physically and mentally! She stood behind me and I felt her warm breath on my neck while her gloved fingers pinched my nipples. Her other hand firmly took the base of my hard, very hard, cock.

She pulled me over to a large mirror and it gave me a glimpse of her sexy eyes again. She asked me if I like teasing and edging, which I of course couldn’t deny. How many times can you edge without cumming? 10 times? 20 times? Without any hesitation I confirm that 20 would be great, but as soon as I did confirm it my brain started racing: This could become seriously hard to bear. She teased the head of my cock, which felt like it would soon burst! and I gently slid into a state of total arousal.

She kicked my legs apart, attached a leather parachute around my balls and skilfully attached weight after weight. My cock became harder and harder under the pressure of each weight, but somehow it didn’t have the effect she was hoping for I suppose, because shortly afterward she removed the weights and parachute and moved me over to her bondage bench. With her very sweet voice she told me to lie down on my back and she bound me very tight so I wouldn’t drop off.

The leather strings of her flogger teased my body: she slowly pulled it over my whole body and face. I love the smell of real leather. Skilfully she heated up my body further, smack by smack the adrenaline in my body got mixed up with the endorphins suppressing the feeling of pain. Then she picked up her Hitachi. Her beautiful face looked down on me and the only thing I could think of was that I wanted to have sex with her! Right here right now! But she was in control and hell! She really looks gorgeous. To tease me a little more, she told me that many people could already orgasm from just the sound of the Hitachi magic wand. Although that does not work for me, it very easily brought me to the edge of an orgasm building up. The hormone levels in my body rose further and further.

With her sweetest smile she asked me which pair of nipple clamps I liked best which she showed in front of my face. The pain was intense and at the same time the Hitachi was doing its work. I needed to relax to be able to handle the intense pain and Domina Katarina ordered me to take a deep breath. Directly she lowered her nice leather covered ass down on my face! Which did not only take away my eyesight but also took my breath away completely. While the oxygen levels in my blood dropped, my heartbeat slowed down further. Gently I did slide into subspace.

She repeated this ritual a few times until I heard a pair of high heels approaching while I was blinded underneath her ass. Who the hell was coming in? She allowed me to get a glimpse of the other totally sexy creature that approached me. She introduced herself by providing me an excellent view of her well-shaped décolleté, which was tightly packed in a nice corset. How did I deserve this? Their eyes met and they hardly needed to exchange a word to take this act to the next level.

Domina Katarina handed a pinwheel to Mistress Morta and she started to work her way all over my chest and nipples. Soon she found my rock hard cock and each touch of the pins sparkled my brain like mad. The combination of sweet pain and arousal was almost unbearable and it became worse and worse with each roll up and down my cock. I felt like I needed to orgasm, but somehow it just kept me on the edge. Each roll down aroused me more and more and I could not orgasm this way even if I would like to. It is obvious that Morta and Katarina noticed it, enjoyed it and loved to torture me this way! and… They for sure weren’t about to stop.

After Domina Katarina made me edge a few more times with the Hitachi, Morta couldn’t wait any more to attach me to the spanking bench. Her joy and urge made me nervous about what I was about to experience next. After I was attached with my ass up in the air, Morta spanked and whipped my ass, teased me further and further while Katarina sat down in front of me, providing me an excellent view on her semi transparent panties and beautifully shaped shaved pussy. If I could only f*ck her for real, but I am afraid that is not going to happen tonight.

Then the frequency of bringing me close to orgasm and whipping of my ass increased. The periods between each edge reduced and I could hardly recover in between. They asked me to keep counting, I lost track and got nervous that they would notice and start from scratch again. By the time I reached number 20 I almost exploded. Each cell in my body contracted trying to prevent me to orgasm. I still didn’t have permission to cum, but it was really, really, really almost impossible to hold back. A drop of pre-cum released from the head of my cock and somehow I managed not to orgasm.

While I was still recovering from this mind blowing edge Domina Katarina smiled at me. They released me from the spanking bench and told me that the game was over. While I was climbing out of subspace Domina Katarina gently told me even not to orgasm for another 24 hours! My brain short circuited, but I was so flabbergasted that I even couldn’t think of protesting or begging her to let me cum. It took too much energy not to cum during that last edge and it was also more than obvious from the smile on their faces that nothing on earth was going to make them let me cum tonight.


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