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March 2014

...my training begins, or how Domina Katarina feminised me

I have attempted to see Domina Katarina on a couple of occasions, but timing and circumstances weren't favourable. I have always enjoyed looking at her website and reading her journal, and wanted to meet her. So, recently I was able to do so. After a couple of e-mails, I was told to phone her to discuss arrangements. Over the phone, she had a very melodic Eastern European accent. It was a pleasing accent, but at the same time it sounded somewhat petulant and demanding. I couldn't wait to see her the next day!

I arrived at her door and she opened it. Pictures on her website do not do her justice. She is stunning. Her blonde hair hung loose over her shoulders. Long black eyelashes. Crimson lipstick on her pouty lips. Black leather gloves. Knee high black leather boots. Thin corseted waist. After a brief hello, she held out her gloved hand to be kissed. I was instructed to undress and then enter the living room for further instruction. I crawled to her, tribute in my mouth, as directed. I was instructed how to kneel in front of her, legs spread, and hands behind my back. I was told I was to always address her as 'Domina Katarina'. She asked me a few questions, tapping my nipples and cock with her riding crop as we talked. Then I was told to inspect her fine leather boots, observing their form, their texture, their smell. I was told to kiss them. I did as instructed, kissing them and sucking on the narrow pointed toes.

Domina Katarina got up and produced a collar. She padlocked it around my neck. She told me to stand. She presented me with black stockings, sequined panties, a black bra, a white garter belt, and a frilly white apron. I put on the stockings and panties, as instructed. She helped me with the bra, garter belt and apron. As she did so she leaned close to me, and I felt weakened by her presence. Finally she told me to look at myself in the mirror. She had feminised me. "Look at you!" she said, "a pretty slave girl, aren't you?"

She attached a leash to my collar and led me around her condo. "Always one step behind me, slave!", she instructed. Next, she sat on her red sofa and made me massage her feet, first through the leather boots, then after I removed them. Her calves were sore from the day's workout, and I was told to massage them too. Her legs are so beautiful- I could have massaged them all day! She attached a rope to my balls and tugged on them from time to time, giggling as she watched my reaction.

I was told to put her boots back on. It was time for riding. She sat on my back and pressed her boots into my sides. She whacked my ass twice with her riding crop. "GO!", she ordered. I crawled around the condo with her on my back. No further verbal instructions were necessary. She used her riding crop on me when it was time to move again. At one point she had me stop in front of the mirror. "Look at us!", she said, "isn't this a pretty picture?"

And it was. A very pretty picture! Domina Katarina sitting on my back, poised, confident and in control of an inferior male. And me, in my place, under her, and being ridden like an animal!

She got off and stood up. "On your knees, slave! Kiss my ass!" I crawled to her and began kissing her ass, first one cheek and then the other. Her ass is gorgeous- round and very soft. While kissing the soft, smooth skin of her ass, I felt like I could melt right into it!

It was time to go. She had me remove my girlie outfit and wash it in the bathroom sink. We talked for a while, about what I liked most about the session, and about female supremacy in general.

She held out her hand and I kissed it. I left, knowing that this was just the beginning of my training as a slave to Domina Katarina!


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