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April 2014

A bit about Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure is a stolen moment, hidden like a dirty secret, something sacred unavailable to everyday existence. It's a sweet sin. It's a state of highest alertness, not usual for humans, perhaps taken from gods: divine, maximal openness of the senses.

Through pleasure and enjoyment there is a connection to and understanding of the temporary; acceptance of the temporary. Knowing that it only lasts for a certain time the limited peak is treasured. It's not endless. The time is crucial: without it the motionlessness would mean no perception of change. The constant state would mean no distinguishing between anything. There would be nothing.

Pleasure is the ultimate goal of those who lack. Pain is the ultimate goal of those who strive for pleasure knowing they don't deserve it, so they suffer, they punish themselves for desiring pleasure. There are many forms of pain: I'm only interested in pain that is sexualized and paralleled with arousal of the senses - the physical pleasure.

Sexual desire, or arousal as an intimate state of body and mind needs to be concealed from view. Otherwise, in unwanted situations it causes social and moral judgment, and is looked down upon as primitive animalism. If sexual desire is connected with and directly related to the forbidden it creates a feeling of guilt. The pleasure derived from guilt in s/m, bdsm and D/s is worth the consequences. This mental pain is more bearable and indeed very pleasurable when combined with physical arousal.

Being devoid of suffering one is also less likely to fall into pleasure's offerings. Neutrality is normally subservient to both pleasure and pain. Because when these sensations appear one can only shield them off with self control and discipline. Only then the neutrality overcomes pleasure and pain, and thus becomes harmonious, superior. This applies for sadists and dominants. They equally experience pain and pleasure, though rather through consciously inflicting these sensations on their devoted object of desire. Thus sadist and masochist, in a preset scenario become one entity, that relies on each other's expressions.

The expression of pain is like the expression of pleasure. Their resemblance causes them to merge - disassociation, non-present, half closed eyes, parted lips, change of skin color, faster breathing, higher heart rate, possible exhaustion. Pain and pleasure become indistinguishable, yet represent two polarities.


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