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There Is Only Leather Between Us

The sign or signal is to stretch out your legs from their bent position. I can't glorify you as a royal throne; you look nothing like a deep red velvet armchair one would imagine giving out orders from to have her will fulfilled.

I sit down not to give out orders. you assume your position and I sit down not to give out orders, but to reduce your status to its bare minimum. you learn to lie down flat on the ground, melting into it, becoming one with it only to provide a safe seat.

It starts with my letting you have that last glimpse of my leathered long legs that tower high above your head, high heels of my boots by your ears; your scanning from my knees through inner thighs to where they meet at the zipper on my pubic bone is fire-hot, burns itself into my second skin.

you down there seem so high. I from up here send you a wink and turn around so that now I can torture you with a sight of my firm, round, shiny black-leathered ass. your cock in anticipation won't get more than a teasing slap, firm pull and an even firmer squeeze - all while I'm bent over, your eyes glued to my bottom. Then I skilfully bind your balls with a leather parachute and attach a leather leash to it.
Now I am ready to sit down: you face my nearing ass and your nose and mouth are suddenly covered by the leather of my pussy, cheeks of my ass covering your eyes. There is nothing more for you to see, so lifting up about an inch I tell you to take a breath and inhale the scent. I turn my head to meet your eyes, but they are closed, I lift up one more inch and see you smile. I smile to myself, or rather grin mischievously and jerk the leash which instantly opens your eyes to attention, cock erect and needy.
Now laughing out loud I order you to take a deep breath, hold it in and I plant my ass onto your face.
"Can you breathe?" I ask and I feel you shake your head no.
My gloved finger toys with the drippy head of your cock, my will is fulfilled and my mind speaks through my mouth: "you cannot possibly serve a better purpose than a Queen's seat! How lucky you are to find yourself underneath me. Literally!"

you're breathless; I make you breathless, where your signal is to stretch out your legs from their bent position once you're really on the edge of leather intoxication. Before thirty seconds pass I lift up, look at you and it is like watching a bud that only opens hidden in the night: calm and peaceful you fan-open your lashes and slowly breathe in through a smile into your erectile.

I have a hibiscus plant and for the past few months it has been blooming, orgasmic. In the evening I switch off the light, darkening the bud, letting the night do its magic. By the time morning comes there is a red, five-petaled flower with its hungry, golden-powdered tongue waiting for the night only to wilt and give space to a new one.

I face-sit you like this multiple times, so try to imagine what I feel, what goes on in and through my body...... There is only leather between us.


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