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Discipline & Training

I will touch you with my perfectly clean hands, wearing sterile gloves smelling of latex and powder. I will lay you down on a white spotless linen sheet, then tie you firmly and examine even the most invisible openings of yours. The air is devoid of dust, only my mind is dirty.

After carefully looking into your fearful eyes I'll bind your wrists with leather straps, buckle them down to D rings on the side of the bed, then your ankles. I'll fasten the belt around your chest and hips. There is nothing you can do: you're mine!

Lying motionless, your sight travels along with me, you'll see me leaving, leaving you behind, then returning with a tray full of beautiful shiny, glass objects, clamps, chains. As I bend over to whisper in your ear my plans you'll notice a leather bra in an opening of my crisp white cape. Turning around I'll pull it up to taunt you.

My next move leads me to get an instrument I'll clamp your nipples with, ruthlessly with no extra gentleness, just pure functionality of having them under my control, in a grip of my instrument. The chain that connects both your nipples is too short to reach your cock, thus I have to place a rope around it, tightly. I'll take it out of a vacuum plastic bag; the 3 mm rope. It makes you swollen right away, sensitive to even the slightest air flow. The end of the rope is now attached to and part of the nipple clamp chain, enough to pull one string to activate pain on three spots. I love this: I puppeteer you from a distance and it does exactly what I require of it. It vibrates through me and I cannot take my eyes off your tease-tortured body. It turns the fire in me on, burns my skin with desire, sweet arousal follows.

I lube my gloved hand. It's shiny and slippery. Admiring the texture of such smooth gliding I slip my hand between your thighs, under your balls, tight blue balls. The inspection has begun. Your most invisible opening is under inspection. You try to resist, but you can't move. You look at me and you know I won't stop as much as you don't want me to stop. I am your very personal doctor, whom you trust, whose healing methods best suit your personality type and your diagnosis.

After this bond-affirming experience of dilating your ass for butt plug, I'll prepare you for disciplinary exercise. I release you from the bed, but your cock and balls remain tied up. I release you from the bed only to secure you on to a spanking bench. You're bent over and tied up, your cock is pulled back between your legs. Whatever blows and strokes I have for you might end up there, too. I'll put a three minute hour glass in front of your eyes and have you to count down and anticipate the first stroke, not knowing where and when it lands.

Only I know.

Mistress, Domina Katarina, Vancouver


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