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September 2013

For good night dreams

The image I've been seeing lately is quite blurry, like a still-life looked at through a hazy lens. By describing it here, polishing its details and getting your imagination going, I will turn it into a clear narration of an erotic story for good night dreams.
A woman dressed in a long black (since it is a black-and-white graphic illustration it could be satin, pvc, latex or leather) evening gown, her waist obviously tightly laced in a corset highlighting her curves, reclines on a daybed. One of her feet is almost touching the floor, her toes balancing a high heeled shiny shoe. Can you see the potential of not letting the pretty shoe fall to prevent such a disaster?
She stares piercingly at the artist, looking down at him condescendingly. The opacity of the dress already described reveals her nipples, that are, classically in such portrayals, pierced, with a start-shaped jewel around them. Her right arm rests on a shapely cushion. No, wait! Zooming in, from close up it is actually a nice, round female bottom with a crystal butt plug right in its centre. Her right arm rests on a nice, round female bottom, while her left arm is outstretched, holding in between her gloved fingers a chain of a nipple clamp righteously pinched onto the nipples of another female seen in profile. She kneels looking at her Mistress with arms bound and buckled in leather sheaths behind her back, corset collar on her neck.
These four figures we observe are very comfortable in their roles, seem to know and enjoy each other, thus allowing for grandiose erotic posing.
In the background, behind the Madam's daybed and in front of the bent over girl's face, who serves as cushion, there is a beautifully framed mirror. In it we read this girl's expression as flirtatious, as she has her tongue stuck out, one eye closed, the other making an eye contact with the artist....
...who appears as a mere reflection in the mirror. Wearing no clothing, collared, his penis is locked up in a chastity device.


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