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September 2012

Orgasm Denial

I am reposting my writing that appeared about two years ago in my live journal. I recently had a need to review it to have my readers to take the best out of it. The women’s demand for attentive partners is ever growing and I frankly think that one of the best ways to achieve it is orgasm denial.

After ejaculation male’s body becomes weak. There are aging signs noticeable on it: the male becomes lazy, powerless and numb. He is irritable, shrunk and thus out of use (useless). At this point he is more pale, bloodless, feminine and left with no appetite; warmth disappears from his limbs, arms are heavier, legs motionless, simply said he is powerless and almost fully spaced out. This “sickness” carries an almost complete paralyze within itself. The male becomes tender in his natural regenerating element and in his actual spring of life. This is, in itself already shameful, because it leads to weakening and it’s harmful for society also, as it contradicts with human’s reproduction.
Male’s aroused body and mind leads him to an urge to orgasm, after which tension release and comfort follows. Man is satisfied, tired, rarely wants to do anything besides basic functioning. Usual or untrained male wants to be served afterwards by his girlfriend/wife as a reward for his heroic act of spreading the seed, for a great athletic job he’s done, for the fastest run marathon he’s reached the end of. I heard from close resources that belly scratching and beer lulls him to his sweet dreams. Or a warm blanket and woollen socks. Sometimes handing a sex magazine brings him back to live, but only sometimes. Dishes are unwashed, wife still horny, beer leaks from the flipped can. Man reached what he wanted; frustration rises in wife’s mind. Oh, “I must have done something wrong”, she thinks.
She gets no attention, neither the household they share. She tries to catch up with cleaning, while her hubby snores from under a distinct, magazine-covered face.

Ladies! Men need no orgasm on every day basis. Once – twice a month is good enough to keep him excited about things. You want your dishes done, house vacuumed, fridge full of fresh fruit? You want him to be hot for you all the time, not loosing attention from you? Cuddle with your partner, wear your sexiest panties and tight bra, colour your lips, put your boots on, tease him, play with his cock, smile, tie his hands and call your girlfriend and tell her how much you don’t care about the dinner. Make him to kiss your pussy, have a great orgasm above his head. Stand up and just leave him there lying on his back with his cock pointing upwards. Then tell him about tomorrow, about an amazing future that awaits you both. Because you don’t want your dear one to appear or think about himself as weak, powerless, feminine, lazy, useless, harmful for society. You want him to be confident, productive, respectful, caring, sexually charged, ready for you and your needs anytime.


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