Mistress Vancouver Dominatrix, Fetish, Discipline, Domination

November 2011


It was a Halloween night, when masks and costumes are no surprise, an excellent opportunity to disappear in the crowd of disguise.

Upon X’s arrival, she explained that she was dressed as a cat woman. I was dressed as a Dominatrix: pencil skirt and a long sleeve transparent top, patent leather corset with buckles at the back, black sheer stockings, lace up boots. After a warm up tea and a loose conversation I told X to stand in front of me, to examine, from every possible angle, her outfit, contemplating which part of it to get rid of. She stood there motionless, dressed in black: tight satin pants, black corset, and black top with deep cleavage revealing her D-cup breasts. Pants had to go, but she was told to keep her sexy boots on. I tied her long hair in a pony tail as a second correction of her appearance. And the third correction was rather symbolic, but for that reason most important. With her hands behind her back I placed a collar and lock on her neck. I recognized the kitty cat. From this point on my new acquaintance was to address me as Mistress.

Long line of a red hemp rope lay on a white table. X’s closed eyes could only imagine the sensuous intent with which I picked it up, untwined it and then, folding it in half I tied her wrists with it behind her back. The Ushirote munenawa is one of the classic prisoner bondage techniques. Arm and chest bondage – I also wrapped the double rope under and above her breasts – allowed her to move, but with the arm restriction it obviously altered her speed and mobility. She was mine to indulge in hedonistic experiments.

I love this bondage also for the reason that the legs and thighs are free. Thus holding the loose ends of rope I led X into the room, where I made her breasts free as well. Fondling them I took them out of the bra to tease her nipples for a gentle start… Then I seated her on a chair. Her smooth legs clutched together in a shy gesture provoked the sadist and pervert in me.

Camouflaged with ordinary things the raw curiosity was revealed that night.


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