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September 2011

Man in drag

Instead of going for a holiday to sunbathe on tropical beaches, one of my adventurous submissives recently asked me to take him on a trip into my world. The prospect of improving one man’s attitude, softening his rough edges, refining his raw taste with an intense training left me feeling good and accomplished.

Among his fantasies one particularly dominated his mind but, as he later admitted, made him disgusted (!) with himself. I’ve never looked at this topic as such, but as I proceeded with disciplining him, he opened up and started talking:

He would regularly dress up in female lingerie: pink panties, bra, and nylons. He even fantasized about painting his toenails pink. This would have such strong impact; forcing him to admire himself in a mirror, touching himself and lastly indulge, all dressed up, in watching internet porn. He would climax every time, feeling only temporary relief followed by regressive laziness.

All this he confessed to me after our first trip to ‘cane land’: after fifty strokes with a very whippy, thin cane. He said he admires women. Kissing my shiny boots, fondling them, pressing his face against the soft leather he said he worships me, and that this is where he belongs. He felt calm, peaceful and content.

Next time I saw him he admitted, to my surprise, something else; proudly and happily he said that the caning did him well and that he had no temptation to dress up in my absence.

At first, I didn’t quite understand it. What could have caused such a change?
I gave it some thought and time…

To feel woman’s presence, to reconstruct an image of a woman, to substitute her by dressing up in lingerie provided my slave with an almost complete union with the opposite sex… with the missing mate/female. This would of course be surreal, as at the moment of solitary playtime he would represent both aspects: female and male, except having only one body.

I do not despise those, who enjoy this activity: I myself adopt male elements in my sexuality. But it didn’t take long for my slave to realize, that his own kinkiness could bring him pleasure only if shared with a playmate.
So as soon I appeared, he had someone real to worship, and didn’t have to reconstruct and substitute anyone. It all became so clear to me.

Well, my dear! I don’t mean to be skeptical, but if you have a weakness for lace, silky nylons, satin panties and transparent bras, you’ll never abandon your habit and if opportunity allows, you’ll again take pleasure in self-admiration. And teasing you with the promise of adventure, I will gladly lead you through the land of strong, dominant women, or rather the FemDom world.


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